Name Sire Dam YOB Covering Sire Location
Beignet Beignet Empire Maker Black Chocolate 2019 Aloha West Stone Farm
Belacqua (IRE) Belacqua (IRE) Havana Gold (IRE) Chatting (IRE) 2019 Aloha West Frankfort Park
Camorra Camorra Street Boss Girl Show 2015 Stone Farm
Capriana – Retired Capriana – Retired Street Boss Dynamism 2012 Stone Farm
Chatty Chatty Exchange Rate All Talk 2015 Stone Farm
Come Closer Cairo Prince Langcita 2018 McKinzie Amaroo Farm
Consternation (IRE) Consternation (IRE) Acclamation (GB) Easton Arch 2018 2023 Sir Prancealot (IRE) Checkmate Thoroughbreds
Control Control Creative Cause Circumstance 2019 Stone Farm
Control ’23 Independence Hall Control 2023 Stone Farm
Curiously Curiously Kitten's Joy Dearest Girl (IRE) 2019 Frankfort Park
Curled Curled Curlin Sweet Cat 2016 2022 Hard Spun Stone Farm
Curled ’22 Curled ’22 War of Will Curled 2022 Stone Farm
Diamond Sparkles ’22 Into Mischief Diamond Sparkles 2022 Bluewater Farm
Dominance Dominance Violence Stella's Dream 2015 Amaroo Farm
Dominance ’23 Street Boss Dominance 2023 Amaroo Farm
Double Happiness Double Happiness More Than Ready Morning Gallop 2016 Instagrand Amaroo Farm
Dressed Dressed More Than Ready Almada 2019 Violence Keeneland
Empire Gal Empire Gal Empire Maker Double Tapped 2019 Frankfort Park
Finest Jewel Finest Jewel Sky Mesa Cleopatra's Finest 2016 Complexity Amaroo Farm
Gizala (IRE) Gizala (IRE) Invincible Spirit (IRE) Golden Gazelle (IRE) 2019 Bluewater Farm
Harbour of Grace Harbour of Grace Le Havre (IRE) Dalamar (GB) 2017 2022 Territories Far Westfield Farm, England
Harbour of Grace ’22 Expert Eye (GB) Harbour of Grace (FR) 2022 Far Westfield Farm, England
Hidden Hidden Uncle Mo Full Ransom 2018 Stone Farm
Hidden ’23 Hidden ’23 Liam's Map Hidden 2023 Stone Farm
Imwaytoocoolforyou ’23 Country House Imwaytoocoolforyou 2023 Amaroo Farm
Investigate Investigate More Than Ready Party of Interest 2020
Light of My Life Light of My Life City of Light Russian Symbol (IRE) 2020 2023 Gretzky the Great Ocala Stud
Mineshaft Magic Mineshaft Magic Mineshaft Magic Madison 2018 Mill Ridge Farm
Miss Voluptuous Miss Voluptuous Unusual Heat Miss Thirtyfour D 2015 2022 Karakontie Amaroo Farm
Miss Voluptuous ’22 Karakontie Miss Voluptuous 2022 Amaroo Farm
Mrs. S Mrs. S Creative Cause Sean S 2017 2022 Twirling Candy Stone Farm
Mrs. S ’22 Mrs. S ’22 Candy Ride (ARG) Mrs. S 2022 Stone Farm
Orecchiette Orecchiette Harlan's Holiday Corderosa 2014 2022 Independence Hall Taylor Made Farm
Orecchiette ’22 Tapwrit Orecchiette 2022 Taylor Made Farm
Pliantlea Pliantlea Lea Pliant 2018 Stone Farm
Rags Pauline Rags Pauline Union Rags Grand Entrance 2016 Candy Ride (ARG) Stone Farm
Save Save Violence Sustain 2018 Mineola Farm
Schumer Schumer Violence La Titina 2020 Gulfstream Park
Speakers Speakers Unusual Heat Wallis of Windsor 2020 2022 Halladay Checkmate Thoroughbreds
Speakers ’22 Sir Prancealot (IRE) Speakers 2022 Checkmate Thoroughbreds
Stirred Stirred Shakin It Up Fay Na Na 2016 2022 Independence Hall Amaroo Farm
Vocal Vocal Malibu Moon Song of Hours 2017 Stone Farm
Vocal ’22 Vocal ’22 Maclean's Music Vocal 2022 Stone Farm
Whisk Whisk Elusive Quality Fastongrass 2012 Stone Farm
Whisk ’22 Whisk ’22 Mr. Speaker Whisk 2022 Stone Farm