Why Eclipse?

Why Eclipse?

There are a lot of ways to own a race horse. Even within the world of Thoroughbred racing partnerships, there are a wide variety of pros and cons to consider. Eclipse seeks to combine the strengths of all the top partnerships into a “best of all worlds” ownership experience.

If you’re considering ownership, we recommend looking closely at the company as a whole and the individual team members you’ll be working with. Here are a few key traits to look for:

The Experience

Eclipse provides the racing experience to our partners at the best racetracks around the world. Our ownership model allows partners to participate in racehorses capable of competing at the highest levels. We scour the globe to offer a diverse mix of top-quality racehorses to compete in all major racing divisions. Our vision is to offer the best-of-all-worlds ownership experience, with all the fun, excitement and triumph that goes along with it.


Aron Wellman, the President of Eclipse, has been involved in the thoroughbred horse racing industry his entire life. He knows the backside of a racetrack just as well as the frontside — and the economic model that governs both. His hands-on knowledge of horses and business acumen give Eclipse’s partners a consistent advantage on race day.


Eclipse has succeeded with a consistency unprecedented in the industry. With over a decade of experience in forming racing partnerships, our track record is without equal. Partners choose Eclipse for a lot of reasons, but the driving factor is that Eclipse delivers at the world’s top racetracks, in the top races, every year.


At Eclipse, horses come first. Always.

Each stable member is managed to maximize their full potential and productivity — and that means health and safety always come first. Our athletes are treated as individuals and receive world-class training and care. Under no circumstance will any horse’s well-being be compromised. We make every partnership-related decision with our athletes’ best interest at heart.


Eclipse stands for honesty, transparency and good horsemanship. Our partners expect direct, clear, and timely communication — and they get it. Every step of the way.


All Eclipse partners experience the thrill of victory — and the agony of defeat. Win or lose, Eclipse is committed to long-term relationships with and among our partners. The respect and camaraderie among partners and staff on this journey creates lasting bonds which transcend races and results.

Customer Service

Eclipse combines state-of-the-art technology and personal service to give our partners a complete racing experience, with insider access on the track, at auction and at the stable, but none of the day-to-day responsibility.


The Eclipse partner experience goes way beyond horse racing. Concierge service comes standard. Whether you’re planning a round of golf, a romantic dinner or a fishing expedition along with your days at the track, Eclipse can help facilitate it.