Blue Moon Eclipse Aftercare: 501(c)3

Blue Moon Eclipse Aftercare: 501(c)3


At the heart of everything that Eclipse stands for is the pure love and adoration for the thoroughbred athlete.

The animal is of paramount importance and its best interest is at the root of every decision made by Eclipse.

While the business of thoroughbred horse racing is complex and success cannot be guaranteed, Eclipse can assure its partners of one simple fact: Each horse that represents the baby blue and black silks will be properly cared for once it is retired from racing by Eclipse.

Eclipse has established a program designed to address the aftercare needs of each horse that is retired from racing while under our control, and to make our best effort to track and protect horses who have been claimed or bought by 3rd parties for the purpose of continued racing.

Our 501(c)(3) program is officially named:

A Blue Moon is the second full moon in a calendar month, an apt metaphor for the second lives begun by the horses in Eclipse’s aftercare program. And since moon is related to our name, and the color blue is such an integral part of our identity, we thought the name made sense.

Whether its being rehomed or retrained, we hope the second journey of each horse who raced in Eclipse’s colors will lead to happiness, health and utility. Each retiree’s situation is unique and, as a result, just like during its racing days, Eclipse treats each horse as an individual and devises a plan appropriate to each horse’s needs.

Eclipse has cultivated strong relationships with several Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA)-accredited aftercare organizations and often utilizes these fine, reputable and trustworthy operations.

Alternatively, when the opportunity is right, Eclipse taps into a coast-to-coast network of owners, breeders and horse enthusiasts who can be relied upon to provide safe and reliable homes for horses who may not qualify for re-training for secondary careers.

In all such circumstances, Eclipse receives contractual commitments for any and all organizations or individuals who accept responsibility for the care of each horse, guaranteeing that the horse will not be put back into training or intended for further racing purposes. We also make our best effort to secure in writing that no horse shall be transferred or sold without our ability to screen the owner and grant consent.

Each partnership set up by Eclipse makes a $1,000 contribution to Blue Moon to fund any and all aftercare needs of that particular horse, or in the event no funds are required once the partnership is dissolved, the funds will be placed in a general account to insure the health and safety of any other Eclipse horse that requires aftercare.

Of the $1,000 contribution per partnership, $500 comes from the partnership where each partner is responsible for its pro rata share, and $500 is matched by Eclipse.

Should Blue Moon have excess cash in coffers at the end of each fiscal year, the funds will be donated to aftercare related charities accredited by the TAA, or to other aftercare related endeavors.

Eclipse does not consider the aftercare of our thoroughbred racehorses a choice. It is an absolute responsibility which is taken seriously and faithfully acted upon, without exception.

We appreciate the support of our wonderful partners and supporters on this issue. It fortifies the Eclipse culture, camaraderie, team and family environment that is synonymous with the baby blue and black.