Becoming an Owner

Becoming an Owner

The Anatomy Of An Eclipse Partnership

  • Each racing partnership is created as an individual LLC where Eclipse acts as the Managing Member, and retains an equity interest, meaning that Eclipse has skin in the game right alongside our partners
  • LLC’s are split in a variety of ways; on average between four and twelve owners
  • Each partner is responsible for his pro-rata share of all maintenance and upkeep costs
  • Eclipse performs all accounting and invoicing
  • Purses are distributed pro-rata, with no dilution or commission to Eclipse on earnings
  • All partners receive an annual K-1 for tax purposes
  • All partners are provided details regarding our liquidation and dissolution process

Whether you’re an experienced owner, or looking to enter horse ownership for the first time, it’s important to conduct some due diligence before diving in. Mitigate your risk by finding a partnership that gives you an overall level of comfort. And remember: owning racehorses is a marathon, not a sprint.

Follow these general guidelines, and you’ll enter the sport with your eyes wide open:

Speak with an Eclipse Representative

Start with us. We’re always happy to offer our insights into the partnership and racing experience. Ask about our process and day to day operations. Ask us about the industry. The cornerstone of your relationship with any racing partnership is your rapport with their team. There’s only one way to find out if the chemistry is right — call us.

Speak with Other Partnerships and Industry Insiders

Speak with other leading industry partnerships (try West Point Thoroughbreds and Little Red Feather Racing Club) and industry insiders such as trainers, breeders and track operators, before deciding on any one ownership group. Making sure you have all the facts and finding the best fit for your expectations will inform your decision.

Ask to Speak with Partners Who Have Participated with Each Company You Contact

Speak directly with current or past company partners. This will give you a true sense of what to expect and will allow you to gauge whether or not they (your potential fellow partners) share your ownership goals.

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