Eclipse’s Notoriety In All Genres of Acquisitions
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Eclipse’s Notoriety In All Genres of Acquisitions

Eclipse has been praised by experts the world over for the company’s deft acquisition strategies.

We take pride in both our ability to prospect top talent and for the value for money we offer our partners — enabling their participation in world-class racehorses.

Eclipse acquires runners in 3 ways:

  1. Yearlings at public auction;
  2. 2 Year-Olds In-Training at public auction; or
  3. Proven horses who have raced either domestically or abroad and who have exhibited “Blue Sky” potential, which Eclipse identifies at a young age and then develops into Graded Stakes performers.

Eclipse has been profiled in major industry publications for the company’s unique ability of being able to prospect top level talent while providing our partners with solid value for money.

To read stories published in the media related to Eclipse’s adept scouting capabilities, including yearlings, 2 year-olds and private purchases both domestically and abroad, check out these articles:  Eclipse’s Knack With Yearling Acquisitions , Eclipse’s Talent With 2 Year-Olds , Eclipse’s Power With Private Purchases , and Eclipse Acknowledged For Being Astute Across The Pond.

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