Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners operates by the notion that a good horse can come from anywhere at any time. Therefore, ETP’s management team is constantly scouring the globe for equine talent. Just as a human talent scout is made and broken with the ability to find that youngster with the “it factor” before anyone else spots the kids’ potential, the same is true for identifying equine talent. This is applicable for any type of acquisition, whether it be a yearling, a 2 year-old in training or a horse bought off the racetrack.

The thoroughbred racing industry is stacked with sharp individuals with their finger on the pulse of the game at all times. ETP provides partners with access to an “insider” edge along with a high level of fine-tuned expertise. It is that consistent ability to be just a fraction of a step ahead of the rest of the pack which allows ETP and its’ partners to distinguish themselves as the best in the business. Having the “eye” for talent and sealing deals is critical, but it is just one piece of the puzzle.

After a horse has been acquired, it is imperative for ETP to know which jurisdiction to place the athlete, with which trainer to turn the preparation over to so as to maximize its’ potential and which races to run the horse in so as to give it the best chance to properly develop. At the end of the day, ETP acknowledges that achieving success on the racetrack is a team effort and assembling the best team possible for each individual athlete on ETP’s stable roster is of paramount importance. Some stables may have caught lightning in a bottle, but ETP’s management team has proven for a decade it has the instinct, talent, work ethic, composure and vision to land it’s partners in the winners’ circle for the most prestigious and lucrative races, year in and year out.


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